My name is Emiliano Rodríguez, my friends and colleagues can call me Pepo. My daughter calls me Totoro.

I am a Mexican graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience in all kind of projects. I have worked for clients like Ford, Compuserve, UNAM (Autonomous National University of Mexico), SEP (Public Education Bureau), INBA (Fine Arts National Institute), UAM (Autonomous Metropolitan University) World Wildlife Fund, journalist Mardonio Carballo, Texas Ribs,  and many others located in diverse countries.

I am actively searching for an opportunity to join a creative team that pushes me even further in my craft, and that lets me join and achieve both my professional and personal goals, with this in mind, my interest is to continue learning all I can, but also to make a bold contribution bringing to the table all of my experience, my Mexican heritage, and my creative powers.

Here you can review my resume, or give a look at my work. After that, I’ll appreciate if you can send me a comment just to share your thoughts and critics as feedback, so I can achieve my next milestone.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to be working with you soon.